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[ profile] npkedit asked for a post-Negotiations scene in the timestamp meme. This one ran away from me a bit and ended up longer than the original ficlet. Oh well.

Erik/Charles, Scott and Jean. Warning for implied sex.

Charles is out when they return home from the doctor's, so he eats supper with the children and then sequesters himself in his office with James Joyce and a full bottle of cognac. He leaves the door open.

When Charles knocks an hour and a half later, the bottle is significantly emptier and Erik has been on the same paragraph of "Counterparts" for twenty minutes.

He looks up to see Charles framed in the doorway, the hallway bright behind his body. His lover is wearing an immaculately pressed suit and a contrite expression.

Erik marks his page, shuts the book, and places it on his desk without a word. The cognac in his glass glows like rich amber in the light of his lamp. Finally, he says, "You've spoken to the children?"

"To Jean." Charles taps two fingers to his forehead to indicate the method of their communication.


"And I'm not sure if you want me to apologize for what Scott went through in the exam room or what you went through while waiting."

He notices that the hallway light turns the toes Charles's shoes into mirrors and the very tips of his ears golden. He thinks that this is a silly thing to notice right now. "Both. Neither. I'm not exactly in the mood for apologies."

"Ah." He watches as Charles's gaze takes in the bottle and the glass. A telepath should know better than to say what comes next. This telepath does know better. But Charles also knows him, knows this isn't a game, even if their words are light. And he accepts the challenge, picks up the gauntlet, walks right into the trap with a smile that threatens to make Erik weep with its sincerity and trust. "What are you in the mood for, then?"

"Come here," he says, with a voice that just might leave a bruise. "Close the door behind you."


Jean never bothers to knock and Scott's always thought that one day this impetuousness is going to embarrass both of them. That's why he has a habit of going into the closet when he changes. This evening doesn't bring that inevitable doom, however. He's sprawled belly-down on his floor, piecing his radio back together, when Jean hurtles through his door and jumps onto his bed.

"Ever heard of knocking?" he asks, looking at his screwdriver instead of at her.

"Please." They've had countless versions of this conversation, and he knows she's rolling her eyes at this point. "I'm a telepath. If you're naked, I'd know."

"Do you make a habit of sweeping a room for nudity before you barge in?" He finishes with the last panel and sits up, facing her.

"Only in hopes of catching Dr. Lehnsherr one of these days." She waggles her eyebrows at him.

"Thank you. I now need to go bleach out my brain."

She throws a pillow at him with her TK. "Eunuch."

He catches it right before it smashes into and overturns his toolbox. "Electra complex," he retorts, with a meaningful cough. He tosses the pillow back.

She laughs. "Since when did you become a Freudian?"

"Since I decided today that I'd rather be subjected to meaningless psychobabble for hours than doctors who just don't know how to shut up. Present company excluded, of course."

"Of course," she echoes dryly. "He was pretty terrible, huh?"

Scott mimics the man's voice. "'Oh, but of course some people believe that immunizations heighten one's risk, so you might just catch the flu anyhow, son, har har har.' I'd like to heighten his risk of getting blasted through a wall." He mimes tearing off his glasses. "I haven't caught even a cold since my mutation manifested. And besides, I wasn't even getting a flu shot!"

Jean's doubled up with laughter when he finishes his rant and it takes her a minute to catch her breath. "You're just mad since he wasn't gentle with the needles, and the tetanus shot probably hurts like a bitch right now."

"Just a bit sore." His left shoulder does hurt, but he's not about to let the future Dr. Jean Grey know that he can't handle a shot. "Don't ever be a doctor like that, okay?"

She gets off the bed to whack him with the pillow this time; a solid thump right on the top of his head, but still controlled enough to leave his glasses in place. "I think I can safely promise you that I'll never turn into that," she says. "If I do, consider yourself honor bound to blast me through a wall." She drops the pillow next to him, then sinks down on top of it as she marches on to a new topic as easily as she marches uninvited through his door. "So, why'd you do an autopsy on your radio?"

"Just wanted to figure out if I could make it recharge its own batteries." He flicks the power switch on and pushes it over to her. "Wanna pick a station?"


Charles stretches beside him, a subtle shifting of bones and muscle that he'd miss if they weren't still half-tangled together. He runs a finger around a bitemark on Charles's shoulder that he doesn't remember giving.

"Feeling a little fierce, were you?" It takes his pleasantly hazy mind a minute to comprehend Charles's words.

He's feeling too sated at the moment to push himself off the floor and respond sharply. Besides, he thinks the cognac's not the sole reason he hears a thread of approval run beneath the note of amusement in these words.

"Sterile, antiseptic rooms devoted to medical advances aren't exactly my environment of choice," he murmurs, but there's no edge to his voice.

Charles turns toward him and presses a kiss into his collarbone. There's a history that they share, the one he lived, which Charles knows from years of projected nightmares and one particularly bad argument when Erik had pulled out his mental trump card. But neither speaks of it now, and Erik is glad of it. This careful touch of lips to skin is the closest to an apology that he wants or needs to go right now.

When the silence grows too long and threatens to break with the weight of things unsaid, he nudges Charles with his hip and adds, "Of course, flat on my back, staring up at the ceiling of my office, is not exactly ideal either."

Charles smiles. "And here I was, grateful that we are not too old for such spontaneity." He props himself up on one elbow to look at Erik and lifts one eyebrow.

"Well," Erik concedes, "I might be persuaded to repeat this escapade every now and again. Though-" he hastily amends on seeing Charles's smile grow larger, "I absolutely forbid you to make visiting the doctor a prerequisite."

Date: 2007-01-29 03:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
"I absolutely forbid you to make visiting the doctor a prerequisite."

*giggles* And Scott taking his radio apart is so...him.


Date: 2007-01-29 04:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Por nada! And can't you just see Scott's mental process? How to forget a rough day at the doctor's... aha! Disassemble random piece of electronic equipment! (You just know one day it'll be: How to forget a rough mission... aha! Disassemble various bits of the Blackbird.)

Date: 2007-01-29 03:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Awww. I loved the Scott/Jean in this one. Gah, I just love your writing. It's so succinct and tight and totally in character.


Date: 2007-01-29 04:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aww, thanks! It's always fun for me to write young!Jean and young!Scott. They're so awkward and adorable. *pets them*

Date: 2007-01-29 06:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This is a lovely look at a busy, relatively happy household, who can overcome the past to look forward to the future. (Oh the foreshadowing! Oh the imminent doom!) I loved Jean's dodgy explanation about knocking, and the way Scott just finds a way around it. Best of all is to see Charles and Erik happy together.

Date: 2007-01-30 06:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Charles/DOOM/Erik = OTP. *g* It's always a little heartbreaking to write them happy, because we know what's just around the corner... and even here the edges of it bleed in, a little. But it's more normal-problems-of-normal-couples than world-destroying differences.

Date: 2007-01-29 07:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I just read the prequel and this part together -- I love the way they feel like such a family in this. Great characterizations -- Jean so determined about what she's going to be, and sitting there reading War & Peace to prove she can. I love the part about Scott trying to square his shoulders and shrug at once, and Jean wanting to watch him get his shot. She really has no sense of boundaries where he's concerned, does she?

Two great stories!

Date: 2007-01-30 06:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you! And Jean has absolutely no sense of boundaries when it comes to Scott. At this point, she mostly sees him as a little brother, with just the tiniest inkling that she's relieved he isn't (and therefore not off limits). So it's a strange amalgam of feeling very proprietory/possessive toward him and feeling rather fascinated at his Otherness.

Date: 2007-01-29 08:22 am (UTC)
ext_8719: (Charles)
From: [identity profile]
Ooh - happy! You went to a happy place! I love baby doctor Jean, and Scott taking his radio apart, but most of all I love Charles and Erik on the study floor. Lovely!

Date: 2007-01-30 06:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hee, I find it pretty funny that people keep commenting on the happiness of this fic when I personally found the first section a bit dark. Not evil-overlord-Magneto dark, but... people not communicating correctly or well, and Erik's desire to hurt something not entirely masked.

All of which is to say thank you, and I'm glad you liked it. *g* All four of them are so much fun to write.

Date: 2007-01-30 12:43 pm (UTC)
ext_8719: (Charles)
From: [identity profile]
I think I'm seeing the happiness, after the relentless misery of the fic I wrote. The little bit of joy there for Charles and Erik was a bit of a balm.

Date: 2007-02-01 02:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I was so poorly-versed in past X-Men lore when I began reading your fics that I was only vaguely aware that Charles and Erik were a couple. And now, they are my second favourite couple, after Jean and Scott.

And he accepts the challenge, picks up the gauntlet, walks right into the trap with a smile that threatens to make Erik weep with its sincerity and trust.
"Come here," he says, with a voice that just might leave a bruise.

I like those two lines especially, and I love your X-Men past!fic.

Date: 2007-02-01 05:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh goodness. Charles/Erik is MUCH more fanon than canon. I believe there's only one comics run/universe that actually even explores a hint of that possibility. But I feel that it makes so much sense in movieverse. Like I said to [ profile] lilacsigil above, Charles/DOOM/Erik=OTP. *g* Glad I've convinced you, though, and I'm very pleased that you liked this. X-Men pastfic is such fun to write.
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