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Five daydreams that make Jean Grey smirk.

11) Her Nobel acceptance speech. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she? Especially when she's a young M.D., Ph.D. doing groundbreaking research in mutant genetics.

2) Her Academy Award acceptance speech. Because everyone needs one completely unattainable fantasy. Becoming a movie star is Jean's.

3) Shaving Emma Frost's head while she's asleep. Or dumping red Kool-Aid on Emma's immaculate white clothes. Or getting Emma really, really piss drunk. Or telepathically making Emma sing karaoke.

4) Scott and Logan making out, though she's not sure if she smiles at this because it's funny or for other, less... humorous, reasons.

5) Motorcycle sex with Scott. Enough said.

Five things Scott Summers carries in his pockets/wallet.

1) Front pocket of his wallet: his insurance card. Because you never know what might happen, or when. Especially when you're an X-Man.

2) Left trouser pocket: two guitar picks. A hard one for his bass, and a more flexible one for his acoustic. The students know that their math teacher can sing. What they don't know is that he was frontman for two different rock bands in college. And that whenever his old band is in town, he sneaks out to play a few sets with them on Friday nights.

3) Shirt pocket: one red pen. A G2, of course. Scott claims that he likes the way it writes. Everyone accepts that as the truth, especially since Jean and Hank both swear by G2s and don't use anything else. But secretly, Scott likes it because the brand is called Pilot.

4) Billfold pouch of his wallet: a strip of five pictures of him and Jean, taken at one of those mall kiosks in the early days of their relationship. He especially likes the second to last one in the sequence, where he's kissing Jean's ear and she's giggling and looking straight into the camera.

5) Back flap of his wallet, behind all extra credit cards, gift cards, buy-nine-get-tenth-free coffee vouchers, and carefully folded coupons: Erik's phone number. He won't keep it saved in his cell, and the scrap of paper isn't labelled. But Erik had called and given it to him one day four years ago, with an order to call him if anything ever happens to Charles. Scott's hung on to it, and everyday he prays that he won't have to use it.

These are fun! I'll get more up in the next few days.
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