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Ugh. Should be working on my paper. But first, Five Things answers for [ profile] tanya_ltp

Five one-night stands that stand out in Dean Winchester's mind:

1) Lisa Stark, in tenth grade. Only it hadn't really been at night. He hadn't been a virgin, and she certainly wasn't one either, but up to then, Dean had only dated girls who wanted to be dated. Girls who expected flowers and dinners before they'd let him into their pants. Lisa was different. She'd been a senior, with a boyfriend, and she'd slipped Dean a note during lunch one day that simply read: "Girls' locker room, 4 pm. Tell anyone and I'll kill you." Dean was never sure after that if it'd been the novelty of strings-free sex, sex in the forbidden territory of the girls' locker room (up against one of the shower walls, no less), or the threat of death that made the encounter so memorable.

2) Jenny Sanchez, his senior year of high school. Dad had actually settled them in the same town for an entire six months, and Dean had been eyeing Jenny for almost as long. He finally asked her out to dinner, and when he was driving her back home after, she made him pull off onto a small dirt road that fed out to the river. They made love in the front seat of the Impala, with her straddling him, all hot, slick heat and sweet mouth, the scent of violets in her perfume mingling with the leather of the car's seats, her soft hair falling about his face as he thrust up into her, slow and sweet, driving her toward her climax as if he had all the time in the world, even as his hands shook a little against her skin. They hadn't had all the time in the world. He'd driven home after dropping her off a good two hours later, sex-sated and self-satisfied, with her promise to meet him again the next day playing through his mind, only to find Dad waiting with their bags already packed. They left town before dawn crawled across the dark sky, and every time Dean picked up the phone to call Jenny, he'd numbly listen to the dial tone before dropping the receiver back into its cradle. He didn't want to lie to her, but that left him with nothing to say.

3) The waitress in Tampa. Or what Sam calls his Stupid for Sex moment. Dude, how was he supposed to know that she wasn't twenty, like she'd told him, and that she lived with three older brothers?

4) There was this one time, with a pretty blonde chick who'd turned out to be the ghost they'd been hunting for a week. Yeah, it was just... weird. He doesn't like talking about that one.

5) It had actually been more of a one-night standoff. Dad had taken him hunting for the first time, just the two of them. They'd left Sammy with Pastor Jim and drove fifty miles to the next town to take down some zombies. Yes, zombies. No, don't ask. Anyway, Dad's contact had been wrong about the number of animated undead, and they'd spent half the night barricaded in a high school classroom, salt lines everywhere and shotguns primed. Dean had followed every one of Dad's orders, and when they finally killed the last sucker around dawn, Dad turned to him and said, "Good job, son."

Five websites that Sam Winchester checks daily:

1) It's one of the more reliable sites to trawl for the kind of jobs his family does. Not as many wild rumors or stupid stories about three-headed dogs, but good, clean reporting. Sam likes that, even though Dean makes him check all the dumb amateur sites, too, anyway.

2) Jess had cited it once, in one of her papers for a Poli Sci class, and the professor had bought the story of "an authority from the Reagan administration" spilling the beans about wild White House orgies. They'd laughed about it over beers that night, and Sam took to emailing her increasingly preposterous stories and daring her to add them to her essays.

3) Barack Obama's homepage. Sam likes the man, though he's not sure if Obama has a fighting chance at the party nomination.

4) He likes doing the crosswords.

5) Jess's Facebook profile. He tells himself he needs to do this to remember her, that he wants to look at their pictures together. But secretly he's hoping that one day he'll open up the page and she'll have changed something in her profile, or updated her photo albums, or added a new note. He knows it's a stupid wish; what's dead should stay dead. But he keeps the page bookmarked, and he can't keep himself from clicking to it every day.

X-Men (comicverse)
Five things that Emma Frost does when she's alone:

1) Drink beer. She sticks to white wines and champagne in public. After all, she has an image to maintain, and that involves choosing drinks that suit her persona -- icy, elegant, expensive. However, Scott's a beer man, and though she wrinkles her nose at him when he only brings alcohol that comes in six-packs when they have picnics, every now and again, Scott will notice an Amstel Light missing from the mini-fridge he keeps in his office.

2) Wear sweatpants. She's not an idiotic bimbo, the mansion is old and drafty, and besides, if someone saw her, she could always wipe the memory from their mind.

3) Eat whipped cream out of the can. Well, it was just that one time.

4) Drop her telepathic shields. Sometimes she goes down to the Danger Room for this express purpose, especially after long days in the classroom when she feels like all her students are staring at her with purposeful ignorance and barely veiled distrust. She lies down in the middle of the room and revels in the mental quiet. Of course, afterward, in the locker room, she always splashes water on herself to make it look like she had a particularly strenuous workout.

5) If 79% of women masturbate and the other 21% lie about it... well, you figure it out.
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