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I was recently thinking about how we all have our own personal canon. It's not so much what we pick and choose to utilize from actual canon -- i.e. writing character Y into movieverse or X3 denial fic (and doesn't that verge on AU?) -- but rather scraps of backstory that we created for some fic or another that somehow then fixes itself into our minds as something-that-actually-happened.

I know that I write most of my stories along a certain continuum. Even though all non-series pieces can be read as stand-alones, practically all my works theoretically exist in the same theoretical universe. My theoretical universe, with authorized canon trappings. (Of course, there can be overlap of one kind or another. I delight in going through every. single. special feature and listenting to every. single. commentary of nearly all the films that I watch [you can see what a potential black hole of time this could be, especially when it comes to something like LotR], and a lot of times it's the deleted features or the director musing aloud about an abandoned plot point that sets the gears in motion. Part of "my" X-verse backstory involves the abandoned X2 plotline that Hank's secondary mutation was triggered by Charles in Cerebro. See?)

I think it's the might-have-beens that add personal flair and flavor to a piece. They'll probably never make it into a story all their own, but somehow they color every other piece of writing that you do.

So, in no particular order, here are my Twenty Things that Might Have Happened at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters )

What are yours?


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